No doubt we have all heard about the most recent horrible tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.  The twenty-seven children and adults, who were slaughtered needlessly, including the shooter’s own mother, will no doubt leave an indelible mark on the hearts of everyone in our nation.

I couldn’t help but recall how innocent and simple the times were when I was in elementary and high school.  The thought of anyone bringing a weapon to school and going on a killing spree never occurred to anyone.  Yes, in high school there were fights but they were with fists and not knives or guns; and when they were over the two combatants usually shook hands and forgot about it.

I’m sure you my readers are probably saying to yourselves, “yes, Kevin, but times have changed drastically since those days”.  I agree, they have but for the worse.  I know we all have questions; first and foremost what could cause someone, even one who is mentally disturbed, to do something this evil to young children who believed they were safe?  I’ve heard many questions being bantered about over the airwaves about this horrible event.  Everything from stricter gun laws, arming our teachers, to even tighter security in our nations’ schools has been discussed.

I heard a Behavioral Health expert say that we must find a way to spot potential violent behavior in children and do early intervention with them to help curb such violent acts in our schools.  I wonder if that is possible given the fact that the perpetrator of this shooting never was in trouble and exhibited no noticeable or recognizable signs of such violent tendencies.

Maybe with more advances in medical science and mental health some of these answers can be found and evil acts like the one at Sandy Hooke elementary school will not happen any more.  As a Christian I think a part of the answer was found last night.  I listened as hundreds of people gathered at the local high school in Newtown along with several members of the clergy to show their faith in God and come together to support one another during this horrible time.  Ministers from all faiths prayed for the ones who perished and the ones they left behind each according to his or her own beliefs.  In my opinion, that went a long way to begin the healing process in that community.  It is my hope that the citizens in New town will continue to lean on their faith in God and gain strength from each other as they begin to move forward after this evil act.  Thank you  for reading.

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Kevin Lofton

I enjoy doing things on my laptop. I like to try doing new things one of which is writing articles for LoftonSpace. The inspiration for my first article came from my two sons; one who is a junior in high school the other who is the owner and founder of LoftonSpace dot com. I am a devoted Christian so I believe that our children are God’s gifts to us and we have an obligation to Him to provide as best we can and to teach our children things they should know that will help them as they go from childhood to adulthood. I also think that writing is a good mental exercise. I am looking forward to posting more articles on LoftonSpace.

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